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Custom Million Dollar Bills:  
Note: Professionally Customized Million Dollar Bill orders receive  
established quantity discounts only. No additional discounts apply.  

Option 1.  "Professionally Customized" at Time of Printing
3 Easy Steps

Step 1--Select Format (Back, Front, or Both)

Back of Bill:
       Minimum 2,000 Bills
       (See pricing chart)
       Plus $50 Custom Setup Fee
KEEP Mt. Rushmore
      intact and place my text
      above the heads
      (maximum 4 lines)
- OR -

REMOVE Mt. Rushmore &
      replace with my design
Front of Bill:
       Minimum 5,000 Bills
       (See pricing chart)
       Plus $205 Custom Setup Fee

       You May Replace these items:
     Replace Statue of Liberty
     (with your Photo)
     "Liberty" under image
     (with your name)
     "Atlanta, GA"
     (with your City, State)
Step 2--Request Special Custom Order Form
    * Name is required.
    * Phone is required.
    * Fax is required.
    * E-Mail is required.
Confirm E-mail:  
(All Fields Required)
This will be sent to you by e-mail along with submission instructions and approval process, plus examples of how others have customized printing.
Step 3--Submit Order Form with Your Information
A proof will be e-mailed to you for approval. Allow up to 4 weeks total time for custom orders. Complex designs and artwork may require more time and additional charges.
Take a look at the "Personalize Yourself" Bills.
Use special sheets of 4 up actual bills printed on both
sides that let you imprint with your own computer, ink
stamp, or labels.

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